The Plot Thickens (1 of 2)

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Just in time for the busiest webcomic update day of the week (Sunday)! Looks like Milo's been experimenting (somewhat extensively) with an old friend. (Old-ish. Couple months.) My dear wall-smashing robot, whether employed as a vendor, courier, or intimidator, we will never tire of your primary function: smashing walls. Next strip is about twice as long as usual, so expect a longer-than-usual delay. In the meantime, why not watch The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut on the YouTube there? The Thief and the Cobbler is a film renowned for its long and ultimately depressing development history (one that ends with sweeping changes forced upon film's original cut for the sake of time, money, and marketability---hence the need for a fan's re-cut), and for its wonderful animation. Just watch Zigzag the Grand Vizier make his entrance. Look at that strut. I am hard-pressed to recall the last time I was so entranced by someone walking. Also, who voices Zigzag? Oh that's right: Vincent Dang Price. I think you are ready to agree that Zigzag is the best character. P.S., it is a real song.