Aaand Scene

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And so we end the Chronillogical crew's epic detour into Greece's past—with a Back to the Future joke, of all things! (It was either that or a Staples joke.) Stay tuned for a small epilogue in about a week and a half. Coming up on Friday, though, we have some straight-up Greek Mythology Jokes that didn't fit in with the main story. Coming up right now are some ancient one-liners, because boy oh boy, puns are great in any age: Two scholars were destroying outdated manuscripts at the Library of Alexandria. The first turns to the second and says, "Hey, buddy. Euripides and I'll rip-a dose." The second shook his head. "Nah, nah. I'll rip-a dese and Eumenides." A merchant walks in and approaches the scholars, holding two amphoras of olive oil. "I can Alcibiades for you wholesale." The second scholar wondered where his life went so wrong, while the first marveled at the promise of incredible savings.