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RSS: He claims to be a simple guy, but every­one knows he’s the hidden star of the inter­net. The ladies love him; the guys want to be him. He’s much more than just another pretty-​boy, though: he’s a hard worker, con­sis­tently deliv­er­ing con­tent to your feed reader of choice. Widely sup­ported, every­one loves this guy.

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Live­Jour­nal: Com­plex, brood­ing, dark, and mys­te­ri­ous. A guy who’s in touch with his feel­ings, and not afraid to let them show every now and again. None of the fake showi­ness you get with RSS—this guy is the real deal. He’s not for every­one, but boasts a core set of truly ded­i­cated fans. And you can’t get better than that.


Twit­ter: A young, wild, ide­al­is­tic fire­brand. He doesn’t take no guff from anyone. He uses double-​negatives with reck­less aban­don. He’s hip, to-the-point, and hot hot HOT! Once you go Twit­ter, you never go… back? Hmm. That doesn’t really rhyme. Well, while I’m think­ing of some­thing that works better, maybe you should just go ahead and follow us, okay?