Time for a new fea­ture?! The title prob­a­bly explains itself: each Friday, I’d like to post some pic­ture or scrawling—whatever’s avail­able, really—related to Chronil­log­i­cal. And then I’ll talk about it. And hope­fully we’ll all learn some­thing. Together. *touches chest mean­ing­fully*

I’ve wanted to revisit Maya Tum­swag­ger and the Tangy Tones for some time now, and fig­ured this would be a good time to do it.

Standin' around!!!

Look­ing at the fin­ished prod­uct, I am a little dis­ap­pointed! Shouldn’t they be ser­e­nad­ing some sort of kaiju horror beast? Doing some­thing at the very least? No, appar­ently they are just stand­ing around on a street corner in … 1880s Nevada, judg­ing by all the sepia. I will leave a note for Future John: “more action next week please!” Hope­fully the “please” will be extra-​enticing.

All right then … dodos on Monday. Yeah!


In case any of you missed the crazy action going on in the com­ments sec­tion in the pre­vi­ous post, let me announce it in clar­ion tones:

We have a fancy schmancy LiveJournal feed!

So: do you hate our reg­u­lar RSS feed? Is your hatred a vicious loathing that knows no mortal bounds? Does the mere thought of sub­scrib­ing to it make your blood boil and your intestines quiver? Does your family have a generations-​old vendetta against it, after its ances­tor brought ruin upon your family house? In that case, we are here for you: our LJ feed is open and avail­able to the public.

All the props for this go to our awe­some pal, SaraBee; if you see her, make sure to give her what­ever props you may have on you.

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If you’re coming here from Dinosaur Comics, then hello! It is good to see you! Wel­come to Chronil­log­i­cal, the pre­mier web­comic about time trav­el­ing grad stu­dents that is writ­ten by two dudes named John and Greg.

(If you are a reg­u­lar reader, well, we were gra­ciously linked by Ryan North and I can tell you we are very excited about it!)

There is an RSS feed, if you are inclined to sub­scribe to it, and also an archive—though if you jump in here, the pre­vi­ous con­ti­nu­ity should not be a con­cern. Yup!

Comic on Monday! This is really excit­ing!*

*I real­ize that this post may con­tribute to the deple­tion of our nation’s most strik­ing finite resource, the excla­ma­tion point (also called the “excla­ma­tion mark”, “bang”, or “maize”), but to be frank, I am in too good a mood not to use a whole lot of excla­ma­tion points right now!!


I added a spiffy plug-​in to Word­press that adds a little “Share This Thing!” link to the bottom of basi­cally every­thing on the site. Includ­ing this very post! It was a sur­pris­ingly easy little doohickey to add, actually—which means I prob­a­bly didn’t do it right. As usual, let me know if some­thing is out of whack and I will try to fix it before too too long.

Now we just need to work on adding some con­tent for you to share… 😛


It’s funny: John and I talk with one another about the comic on a pretty reg­u­lar basis, so I know he’s work­ing on the next strip, and we’re col­lab­o­rat­ing on scripts for sub­se­quent strips. Admit­tedly, we’re not pump­ing them out or any­thing, but it’s on our minds and we know stuff is get­ting done.

But then we get a legit­i­mately polite and kind email along the lines of: “Erm, hello? Are either of you two still, well, um, alive? Or is the comic on hiatus again? Or some­thing? It’s… it’s all just a little con­fus­ing, you see, because there haven’t been any updates in a little while. Just curi­ous!” And we real­ize that Oh, hmm, maybe we should post some… thing on the site every now and again. Just to remind every­one that this is still a thing that we are actu­ally work­ing on, seri­ously, no kid­ding!

So! Here’s a little scrap of con­tent of sorts. It’s a script for a strip that John and I decided not to do. Per­haps it will give you a little insight into our writ­ing process.

Basi­cally, the gang is trying to figure out what to do with Cas­san­dra. How do you deal with a mytho­log­i­cal char­ac­ter that you’ve saved from the fires of Troy? How does she adjust to the present?

Seems like a solid enough premise, right? Well, for some reason we couldn’t make it work. I think there are some funny bits in the script we pro­duced (which is why I’m shar­ing it at all), but ulti­mately not enough was going on to devote an actual strip to it. Also, we kind of just want to get on with the time trav­el­ing already; enough with the dick­ing around in the present.

Maybe it’s an idea we’ll return to the idea later. Who knows! Anyway, here’s the script:

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