Here are some ways to con­tact the authors of Chronil­log­i­cal:

Greg’s Info


Email: greg [at] chronil­log­i­cal [dot] com
Twit­ter: @greg­poo

Greg Poulos: by day, he engi­neers soft­ware in San Fran­cisco. By night, he writes for Chronil­log­i­cal! Drop him a line if the web­site seems broken (hint: it might be!) or if you want to say “hi” (hello!).

John’s Info


Email: john [at] chronil­log­i­cal [dot] com
Twit­ter: @john­shoe

John Chouinard: mild-​mannered civil­ian by day, even milder-​mannereded by night! He draws things both silly and seri­ous. Con­tact him if you have seri­ous mat­ters to dis­cuss (such as facial hair, or birds).

Other Info

Here’s the Chronil­log­i­cal Face­book page!

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