The Cast

If you wish to learn about the cast, this is the page for you! (Of course, if you’re inclined to take it from the top and start with the first strip, you can do that, too.)

JenJenelle Camilla Ives

Brainy pop-​culture junkie. Ambigu­ously respon­si­ble for the giant explo­sion at Micimek Uni­ver­sity. (It was an acci­dent.) Some­what dis­tressed at her career’s per­sis­tent decay.

Likes: tubas, nov­el­ties, giving the ol’ col­lege try
hind­sight, sur­prises, explo­sions (a kind of sur­prise)

RoyRoy Michael Sloan

Unpleas­ant his­tory fanatic. Roman­ti­cizes every era except his own. He can’t stand you and your stupid ques­tions, so please don’t bother asking.

Likes: Olympians, democ­racy, epics, tragedies, hapax legom­ena
most things (specif­i­cally: under­grads, bears)

MiloMilo Nicholas Mamalakis

Literal-​minded tin­ker­ing weirdo. Some­what child­ish. Did you see the awe­some thing that he made because hoo boy it sure is neat and hey you aren’t even look­ing!

Likes: fron­tiers, mys­ter­ies, zap­ping
hocus pocus, hoodoo voodoo, abra cadabra

CassandraCassandra (of Illium)

Semi-​famous mytho­log­i­cal figure. Dis­il­lu­sioned with her pro­fes­sion (sooth­sayer) and thor­oughly bewil­dered regard­ing the 21st cen­tury (and the crazy crap con­tained therein).

Likes: soli­tude, sar­casm, Schaden­freude
Apollo, boozy leches, high-​fructose corn syrup

Professor DonlyProfessor
Oswald Remington “O. R.” Donly

Pro­fes­sional cranky­pants and former pro­fes­sor at Micimek Uni­ver­sity. Stop that, you’re prob­a­bly doing it wrong and he should have just done it him­self in the first place.

Likes: sand­wiches, being gen­er­ally amaz­ing
dick­ing around

Mister SkeletonMr. Skeleton

Owner of Mister Skeleton’s Diner. Pos­si­bly immor­tal. Unclear whether or not he is a lit­eral skele­ton.

Likes: winter, bud­dies, jazz stan­dards, Zep­pelin­ing
Cap­tain Nemo Toad and his stupid little hat