Apr 11It’s Over!
Feb 25The Plot Thickens (2 Of 2)


Nov 27The Plot Thickens (1 of 2)
Nov 16Troy Story
Nov 1A Classicist’s Petition To Marketing
Oct 29Spooky Scary
Oct 25Milo Wins Video Games
Oct 18Party In The Mesozoic
Oct 11Jen Gets A Dodo (2 Of 2)
Oct 4Jen Gets A Dodo (1 Of 2)
Sep 27The Most Important Moment In History (2 of 2)
Jul 8The Most Important Moment in History (1 of 2)
Jun 4Mini-3: Feather Research (Fin)
Jun 2Mini-2: Feather Research (Cont’d)
Jun 1Mini 1 Feather Research
May 31Mini-1: Feather Research
May 21Epic Epilogue
May 18Giggletus Maximus, Part 2
May 14Giggletus Maximus, First of Two
May 11Aaand Scene
May 7Idle Fantasy
May 4-9999 HP
Apr 30Hammery Thingy
Apr 27Oh Yeah, That Guy
Apr 23What Are The Chances!!
Apr 20Discus Inferno
Apr 16AND SO
Apr 13Bright Idea
Mar 31Happy April Fools’ Eve


Nov 17All Good Things Etc
Nov 13Old Friend
Nov 10Interlude: Enter The Hero
Nov 6Interlude: Holy … Crustacean
Nov 3Interlude: Out For A Stroll
Oct 30It’s Horsin’ Time
Oct 24The Wily Sand Scrawler
Oct 23Filler: Product Placement
Oct 20That Was Easy
Oct 16Scamander Commander
Oct 13A Manly Chat
Oct 9Wot’s All This Then!
Oct 6Interlude: Channel Surfing
Oct 2I Don’t Know You!
Sep 29Ha Hee Hee Ha!
Sep 25She Has A Name After All
Sep 22There Once Was A Lady From Venus
Sep 18Girl, You Must Be Jamaican
Sep 15INTERLUDE: Civil Discourse Man
Sep 11Avalanche!
Sep 8What’s Behind Door Number One…
Sep 4Brown Brown Brown
Sep 1Covert Operations
Aug 28Much Grosser Than I Imagined
Aug 25No One Likes Themistocles
Aug 21OWLS: Mysterious Mysteries
Aug 18OWLS: A Challenger Approaches
Aug 14OWLS: Enter the Tangy Tones
Aug 11OWLS: Calling The Cavalry
Aug 7OWLS: The Beginnening
Aug 4Grainy Diagrams
Jul 28The Elusive Kirokes
Jul 24Filler: Public Transport
Jul 21Quit Horsing Around
Jul 17None More Stoic Or Noble
Jul 14Highbrow
Jul 9So Now What?
Jul 7For Noice Travel Experiences
Jul 3CALLY: Okay I Can Hear You Now
Jun 30Argument From Luminescence
Jun 26GepÀckaufbewahrungsschein
Jun 23Babelini
Jun 19Okay He Is Transforming Now
Jun 16Ain’t Transformatin’, Part 2
Jun 12Ain’t Transformatin’, Part 1
Jun 9Show Me Your Moves
Jun 5Methuselah
Jun 2Ritual Gorefest
May 29Sir Dashing
May 26Which Witch In Ipswich?
May 22Strolling Down Memory Lane, Part 2
May 19Strolling Down Memory Lane, Part 1
May 15He’s A Scary Guy
May 12Filler: Time To Shine
May 8Looking For Bulbs In All The Wrong Places
May 5Call The Smitesmith
May 1Smooth
Apr 28Hey, Look Over There!
Apr 24Bright Ideas, Part 2
Apr 21Bright Ideas, Part 1
Apr 17Hark!
Apr 14The Mighty Grawlix
Apr 10I Can Sea It Now
Apr 7Colorful Characters
Apr 3Skeletal Shenanigans
Mar 31Good Work Indeed
Mar 27Quite A View
Mar 24NEWW: Etiquette And Protocol
Mar 20Reach For The Bear
Mar 17Eye Of Chronos
Mar 13Whooming It Up
Mar 10It Slipped! Change It Back!
Mar 6Time Travel Time Travel Time
Mar 3Say, Mr. Sandman…
Feb 20Preparing for the Big Night
Feb 17… Hammer Time
Feb 13Zappa Zappa Zappa
Feb 10Creepy Juju Tingly
Feb 6Thopp
Feb 3Guys, Come ON
Jan 30Big Dreams
Jan 27Ow OW OW
Jan 23A New Point Of View
Jan 20Huh!
Jan 16Poff
Jan 13Taxicab Confessions
Jan 9Golly Gosh Gee Whillikers
Jan 6Scream-A-Thon
Jan 2Smek!


Dec 30Woah, Nelly
Dec 25Adjective Holiday-Name
Dec 23WELL, Milo…
Dec 19Wonk
Dec 16Surely, Maya, May I?
Dec 12A Toast To Toast!
Dec 9Bigotry For You And Me
Dec 5It’s The Skeleton Guy!
Dec 2It’s Winter Now
Nov 28Supra-Canon Theatre
Nov 25Liar, Liar, Pyre On Fire
Nov 21Mr. Logic
Nov 18Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Nov 14Don’t … Turn Around
Nov 8Stanleyocalypse
Nov 7Break It Down, Dr. Stanley
Nov 3Though It Could Also Be Good
Oct 31It’s Funny, I’m Laughin’
Oct 28Wakkadoo
Oct 24Future O’Clock
Oct 21That’s The Signpost Up Ahead
Oct 17There’s A Hot Pocket In My Rocket
Oct 14Tragedy Illustrated
Oct 10It’s The Anachronistic Hoplite Happy Hour
Oct 7I’ve A Smiiile On My *EUGH-KOFF*
Oct 3Have Troubles, Will Escape (From The Troubles)
Sep 30Please, Mr. Postman
Sep 26Fuzzy Justice
Sep 23Fuzzy Madness
Sep 19A Classicist’s Petition To Hollywood
Sep 16Excessively Delicious Madness
Sep 12Seriously Now
Sep 9Far Out Mantis Mush
Sep 5Beep Boop Bop
Sep 2Raid-ing The Premises
Aug 29Bric-A-BRAC
Aug 28Bric A Brac
Aug 26That Darn Cassie
Aug 22A Very Tidy Apocalypse
Aug 19Again, Try The Duct Tape
Aug 15Meow Mix
Aug 12Sharp Economic Inquiry
Aug 8Adventure Thru Personal Space
Aug 5Hazardously Clean
Aug 1It Is A Very Good Jar
Jul 29SDCC 2: Scribbled Recollections
Jul 25SDCC: We Have Seen The Future
Jul 22I Don’t Recommend The Stabbing District
Jul 18Traveling On A Budget
Jul 15Dr. Harding, You Genius
Jul 11The Magical Man In Too Many Hats
Jul 8Maybe Some Duct Tape?
Jul 4It Gives Him Power
Jul 1…Or A Seat, Or A Stand, Or The A-Train
Jun 27Extraneously Obfuscatory Terminology
Jun 24Someone Keeps Moving My Explosion Machine
Jun 20It’s Mister Skeleton!
Jun 1799 Decision Street
Jun 13Failure At Life
Jun 10It Begins… After Lunch