Chronillogical is a web­comic about modern-​day time trav­el­ers.

They invented time travel! And now you too can bear wit­ness to their excit­ing anachro­nisms. Yeah!

The update schedule is somewhat irregular.

We’re aiming for about once a week, although sub­scrib­ing to our RSS feed would be best if you don’t want to miss any­thing.

Where do I start?

Although the strip started out rely­ing pretty heav­ily on con­ti­nu­ity, it’s evolved over the years to much more self-​contained arcs. So while we cer­tainly think it would still be fun times for you to start from strip one, it would also not be unrea­son­able for you to jump in at a more recent point.

Who makes Chronillogical? I must know!

Greg (tall and awe­some) and John (great ape and tyro­mancer) are two post-​collegiates who spend their free time think­ing about Funny Things. They hail, orig­i­nally, from the north­ern sub­urbs of Chicago, and they shared child­hoods beneath the quaint foliage of sub­ur­bia. The expe­ri­ence was mostly unre­mark­able.

John draws and Greg writes. John also helps write, and one could argue that, as a result, he works far more on the comic than Greg does. On the other hand, the web­site would not exist with­out Greg’s fear­some coding prowess, and anyway it’s not a con­test or any­thing I mean why even bring it up.

Okay, that is pretty much it.

But if you have any ques­tions, feel free to con­tact us via our Con­tact page.

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