Remember when I said this?

“Rest assured that Chronil­log­i­cal has a future. … The strip has cer­tainly had ample time to die by now, if it were des­tined to die!” [Source]

I did not know it at the time, but that turned out to be a lie. Oops!

After three years, maybe 150 comics or so, blah blah blah, everyone’s heard this story before. In short, we lost inter­est, and now we are giving up (per­haps more accu­rately, we gave up a while ago, and are now owning up to it). We cer­tainly didn’t set out to dis­ap­point any­body, but it’s prob­a­bly best to stop and move on instead of plod­ding ahead with some­thing that just doesn’t have the same mean­ing it used to (for us, anyway). Right? That’s what I tell myself.*

So, as a send-​off, let’s remem­ber the good times as I link to some of my favorite comics that we’ve done:

The Most Impor­tant Moment in His­tory (1 of 2)
Good Work Indeed
Brown Brown Brown
The Winter strips with Mr. Skele­ton are all pretty good: [1] [2] [3]
And finally, Civil Dis­course Man

So, to the long-​haulers, thank you for read­ing! To those who just stopped by for a laugh or two, thank you for read­ing as well. To those who dared to share yet another web­comic with a friend, thank you twice. Thank you all. And be excel­lent to each other.

* Greg and I have gotten accus­tomed to this comic-​making thing, though, and we are play­ing around with some new ideas behind the scenes—ideas that are SO FRIGHT­EN­INGLY PRE­LIM­I­NARY, it would be fool­ish of us to go around making grand announce­ments about them right now. If and when they come to fruition, we’ll figure out a way to tell you. Announce­ments will appear here, I’m sure, and prob­a­bly on Twit­ter, and maybe Face­book, and maybe Tumblr too.