The Plot Thickens (2 Of 2)

The joke is that this comic could not pos­si­bly have taken three months to make. It seemed a lot fun­nier when I was draw­ing it!

For some more words on Chronillogical’s return, read this blog post, won’t you?


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  1. Pomp says:

    HA! So I was right about what Milo had invented! *vic­tory pose*

    I did just realise, how­ever, that this comic bears some resem­blances to the UK TV comedy ‘The IT Crowd’. well, only because two of the main character’s names are Jen and Roy, and they work with com­put­ers.

  2. Pomp says:

    That sounds a lot more accus­ing now that I’ve re-​read it….

  3. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    Where’d the colour go???

    Oh well, at least it an inter­est­ing con­tin­u­a­tion to the story.

  4. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    BTW, will you be having reg­u­lar updates again? (pleas­esayye­spleas­esayyes)

    John Reply:

    That is the goal! It is some­thing that we are trying to Make Happen Again.

  5. macsnafu says:

    OMG! The plot thick­ened for so long that the mold broke! Don’t mind me, I’m still in trau­matic shock…

  6. macsnafu says:

    May as well spec­u­late. If they were zapped to random points in time, there’s no telling where they each might end up, past or future. Milo’s point-and-shoot time ray is almost too simple: if it *were* prop­erly cal­i­brated, how did he intend for people to return to the present? Per­haps the time dis­place­ment would have been tem­po­rary, even­tu­ally wear­ing off? Oth­er­wise, they have to hope that they (at least one of them) were sent to where a time machine already exists, or that some­one will come along and retrieve them.

    And poor Cas­san­dra! She was having a hard enough time adjust­ing to the 21st cen­tury–how will she fare in another time, with­out any friends to help her?

    Pomp Reply:

    I think, what with the random-point-zapping-ness-factor, there is a chance, HOW­EVER SMALL that one of them has been sent back only a short time, E.G. long enough to stop Donly from doing it. I know it’s a para­dox, but who cares? Also, if time is infi­nite, My guess is that they would almost cer­tainly be sent to a time when either the earth didn’t exist, or the earth has been destroyed, unless there’s some kind of limit to the time-zappy-ness of the gun.

  7. CommenterX says:

    I give up. Not check­ing any­more. It was great while it lasted, guys.