Season’s greet­ings to all the Chris­tians, the ex-​Christians, and the Christian-adjacent—plain ol’ reg­u­lar greet­ings to every­one else!

So our hope was to have the latest strip done by Christ­mas Eve (today!), and that did not happen. Clearly! And it’s not our wish to leave folks with­out any­thing at all on this, the day before tomor­row, so I decided instead to briefly res­ur­rect a hal­lowed Chronil­log­i­cal tra­di­tion.

Deck the halls with OOM-PAH OOM-PAH

(I wonder if TUBACHRIST­MAS orga­niz­ers would con­sider incor­po­rat­ing any con­tem­po­rary film scores into their car­ol­ing reper­toire this year.)

All right, I’ve got presents to wrap, super­stars. So you all have a Hoppin’ TUBACHRIST­MAS, a Boppin’ BASS­CLAR­INETHANUKKAH (belated), and a Zippy BAN­JOSAT­UR­NA­LIA!


Discussion (2) ¬

  1. Pomp says:

    What? How could you pos­si­bly neglect NOSE­FLU­TEEASTER?
    It doesen’t quite have the ring and brassy warmth of TUBACHRIST­MAS, but still…

  2. macsnafu says:

    It’s too early for NOSE­FLU­TEEASTER, but just in time for VAL­VETROM­BONE­NEWYEAR and FRENCH­HORN­WIN­TER­SOL­STICE.