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Jen Gets A Dodo (2 Of 2)

Time for a new fea­ture?! The title prob­a­bly explains itself: each Friday, I’d like to post some pic­ture or scrawling—whatever’s avail­able, really—related to Chronil­log­i­cal. And then I’ll talk about it. And hope­fully we’ll all learn some­thing. Together. *touches chest mean­ing­fully* I’ve wanted to revisit Maya Tum­swag­ger and the Tangy Tones for some time now, and […]


Jen Gets A Dodo (1 Of 2)

In case any of you missed the crazy action going on in the com­ments sec­tion in the pre­vi­ous post, let me announce it in clar­ion tones: We have a fancy schmancy Live­Jour­nal feed! So: do you hate our reg­u­lar RSS feed? Is your hatred a vicious loathing that knows no mortal bounds? Does the mere […]


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