Spooky Scary

You’d think that I have some sort of obses­sive rela­tion­ship with the color red. It just keeps show­ing up to the party lately! The Hal­loween party, in today’s case. Speak­ing of, Happy Hal­loween! Don’t get too … haunted. By ghosts.*

Greg pointed out to me that this is our second hol­i­day strip that con­cludes with a mon­ster attack. I pointed out to Greg that this is our second strip in as many weeks that fea­tures dinosaurs. Greg replied, “Yeah, but you know what? Dinosaurs are awe­some.” Iron-​clad. I cannot dis­agree!

Shorter comic coming up this Monday. Fewer calories—same taste! Yum yum.

* Or past regrets.


Discussion (5) ¬

  1. SaraBee says:


  2. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    Donly can’t figure out whether Mr. S is really a skeleton…

  3. Pomp says:

    Is jen a salt shaker?
    With a bat­tery?

  4. Cliff says:

    @Pomp – yes. a salt and bat­tery => assault and bat­tery

  5. Leutha says:

    I just read the comic you’re going to do the week after next. It’s great! But who’s “Uncle Kurt”?