Milo Wins Video Games

This had to happen sooner or later. Kind of unfor­tu­nate that the endeav­ors of an entire indus­try are now point­less! For there is only one winner of all video games—for all time*—and his name is Milo Mamalakis.

I saw Yojimbo again over the week­end, and boy howdy, I sure do like that movie a lot. Unfortunately—I should point out that this is indeed extremely unfortunate—the film’s sound­track is not so easy to find, as far as I can tell. One blog does host three tracks from the film, includ­ing the main titles, for the pur­poses of thought­ful analy­sis. That’s enough to keep me sati­ated.

Spoooky Hal­loween update coming up on Friday. Boo! Aah!!

* Well … maybe.


Discussion (3) ¬

  1. SaraBee says:

    Aaaah the sound­track is so good. It has been pop­ping into my head at random!

  2. macsnafu says:

    That’s cheat­ing, Milo! Besides, you only win until some­body goes back in time and changes the past. Or hits the reset button. Hmm…I wonder if Time has its own reset button?

  3. kitimatdude says:

    Milo is Char­lie Sheen!