Yep, Chronil­log­i­cal is headed for NEWW this year! Just like last year, and the year bef—well, I guess the chain stops there. Just like last year! It’s actu­ally a little uncer­tain whether Greg will be able to make the ardu­ous trek across our nation’s great plains and moun­tains, but dang it, he is think­ing very hard about suc­ceed­ing.

I, how­ever, do not have to think about suc­ceed­ing, for my atten­dance is secured. And so is the atten­dance of Sara, our good friend and Offi­cial Chronil­log­i­cal PR Manager—she who said, “Fellas, having busi­ness cards with us (mini busi­ness cards?!) would be a good idea,” to which we responded, “Yes you are right!” I’m not sure that these are the final designs just yet, but they should be pretty darn close to the real deal, at least:

How droll! Scream­ing faces—that will get their atten­tion, surely. Boy howdy, I sure hope so, anyway, because just look at all the people that are attend­ing. And those are just the famous* ones!

If anyone’s headed out that way, and our eyes happen to meet beneath the set­ting sun, don’t fear the feel­ings** that swell inside you. Embrace them. Savor them. Or just, you know, say “hello” and com­mence what will be a pleas­ant little chat, I am sure. That works too!

* Inter­net fame valid only at par­tic­i­pat­ing loca­tions.
** The
per­fectly nat­ural feel­ings.


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