Jen Gets A Dodo (2 Of 2)

Buck up, time trav­eler! There’s plenty more dodos where that came from … at some point in his­tory, anyway.

This Monday thing seems to be work­ing out, so let’s all meet back here in a week’s time. It’s a date. (How roman­tic.)


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  1. SaraBee says:

    I hope Jen didn’t lose her glasses! I am glad that she is old enough to play some Dun­jins ‘n’ Dra­gins.

  2. macsnafu says:

    Yay! More dodo! Boo, dodo got turned into a puddle in the road, didn’t he? 🙁
    Train­ing a famil­iar? When did we run off the rail­road tracks??

  3. Greg says:

    Much of what Jen does nowa­days is moti­vated by the fol­low­ing ques­tion: “What is the most awe­some thing that I can do at this moment?”

    If you have a dodo, I would argue that train­ing it to be your famil­iar is the most awe­some thing.

  4. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    Is this why she always wears her glasses? Because she goes crazy when she takes them off?

  5. John says:

    When you’re train­ing that intensely, glasses just get in the way, man.

    Seri­ously, with her face up against the dodo like that, there’s no room to shove the glasses in there. That is my Offi­cial Expla­na­tion.

  6. Gary says:

    love it! She really should have brought back TWO Dodos 😀

  7. pops says:

    I hope Jen’s dodo sur­vives past Thanks­giv­ing!