Time for a new fea­ture?! The title prob­a­bly explains itself: each Friday, I’d like to post some pic­ture or scrawling—whatever’s avail­able, really—related to Chronil­log­i­cal. And then I’ll talk about it. And hope­fully we’ll all learn some­thing. Together. *touches chest mean­ing­fully*

I’ve wanted to revisit Maya Tum­swag­ger and the Tangy Tones for some time now, and fig­ured this would be a good time to do it.

Standin' around!!!

Look­ing at the fin­ished prod­uct, I am a little dis­ap­pointed! Shouldn’t they be ser­e­nad­ing some sort of kaiju horror beast? Doing some­thing at the very least? No, appar­ently they are just stand­ing around on a street corner in … 1880s Nevada, judg­ing by all the sepia. I will leave a note for Future John: “more action next week please!” Hope­fully the “please” will be extra-​enticing.

All right then … dodos on Monday. Yeah!


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  1. macsnafu says:

    They’re not a band with­out their instru­ments. And sepia or no sepia, with that back­ground, it looks more like 2080s Nevada, or at least, 1980s Nevada. But who am I to judge? I’ve never been to Nevada…