Jen Gets A Dodo (1 Of 2)

She was orig­i­nally going to befriend a cock­a­too, before Greg piped up. “John, John John John. This strip is about time travel. Surely we can think of a less con­tem­po­rary bird.” After that, the choice was obvi­ous.

More dodo shenani­gans next Monday! I’m fairly cer­tain some non-​strip entity will appear on the site in the mean­time.

I’ve been play­ing the heck out of Metroid Metal‘s Varia Suite and Expan­sion Pack these past few days, despite having com­pleted only one Metroid title. I know, right? Seri­ously. You know? (Seri­ously, dude.) So yes, you should all check those out if you can!


Discussion (6) ¬

  1. Cliff says:

    yessss oblig­a­tory web­comic animal

  2. AchillesAndTortoise says:

    But… but…. what hap­pened to Newton in the giant robot?

    Not that saving long-​extinct ani­mals isn’t a good cause….

  3. Gary says:

    Woo! A Dodo! I want one too!

  4. macsnafu says:

    Well, hey, I guess a dodo is better than a dinosaur–it’s less likely to cause any seri­ous damage before it becomes extinct.

  5. macsnafu says:

    You know, a plush Chronil­log­i­cal Dodo might make a good mer­chan­dis­ing object, espe­cially if the Dodo becomes a reg­u­lar part of the cast. $$$

  6. Pops says:

    Hmmm. Could this be the source of the magic feath­ers??