In case any of you missed the crazy action going on in the com­ments sec­tion in the pre­vi­ous post, let me announce it in clar­ion tones:

We have a fancy schmancy LiveJournal feed!

So: do you hate our reg­u­lar RSS feed? Is your hatred a vicious loathing that knows no mortal bounds? Does the mere thought of sub­scrib­ing to it make your blood boil and your intestines quiver? Does your family have a generations-​old vendetta against it, after its ances­tor brought ruin upon your family house? In that case, we are here for you: our LJ feed is open and avail­able to the public.

All the props for this go to our awe­some pal, SaraBee; if you see her, make sure to give her what­ever props you may have on you.

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