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Spooky Scary

Milo Wins Video Games

Howdy, time ban­dits. Time-​caneers. Mem­bers of the Chronil­log­i­cal Order. Greg and I are plan­ning our next big time jump for “feudal Japan” (kind of a big net to cast, I admit — and ulti­mately a euphemism for “you know, like, in that Kuro­sawa movie”), which means that I need to make sure I know how […]


Party In The Mesozoic

Yep, Chronil­log­i­cal is headed for NEWW this year! Just like last year, and the year bef—well, I guess the chain stops there. Just like last year! It’s actu­ally a little uncer­tain whether Greg will be able to make the ardu­ous trek across our nation’s great plains and moun­tains, but dang it, he is think­ing very […]