If you’re coming here from Dinosaur Comics, then hello! It is good to see you! Wel­come to Chronil­log­i­cal, the pre­mier web­comic about time trav­el­ing grad stu­dents that is writ­ten by two dudes named John and Greg.

(If you are a reg­u­lar reader, well, we were gra­ciously linked by Ryan North and I can tell you we are very excited about it!)

There is an RSS feed, if you are inclined to sub­scribe to it, and also an archive—though if you jump in here, the pre­vi­ous con­ti­nu­ity should not be a con­cern. Yup!

Comic on Monday! This is really excit­ing!*

*I real­ize that this post may con­tribute to the deple­tion of our nation’s most strik­ing finite resource, the excla­ma­tion point (also called the “excla­ma­tion mark”, “bang”, or “maize”), but to be frank, I am in too good a mood not to use a whole lot of excla­ma­tion points right now!!


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  1. semosso says:

    I came from Dinosaur Comics, and have spent most of today read­ing this strip from its first comic.

    I have only one thing to say, and I shall quote Ryan North’s T-Rex to do it: ‘I’M TRIP­PING BALLS!’

    Amaz­ing work, guys. Already sub­scribed 😀

    Greg Reply:

    Thanks a ton! I sin­cerely hope you have left NO BALL UNTRIPPED!

  2. Owen says:

    I also came from Dinosaur Comics. I just read through your archives and sub­scribed to the RSS. I have to say that I adore your comic! I have to go show it to my co-​workers here at Fer­mi­lab. I think that they will get a kick out of it! 🙂

    Greg Reply:

    Dude! Dude dude dude dude!


    So cool!

    What else can I say? Thank you for read­ing 🙂

  3. Not only are you deplet­ing the excla­ma­tion point, but you’re dilut­ing the interrobang‽

    Greg Reply:

    I feel like the inter­robang is greater than the sum of its parts. Any dilu­tion is itself diluted. Wouldn’t you agree‽

  4. LoneTread says:

    Also here from Dinosaur Comics, and am loving this. All caught up now!

    It’s just too bad there’s no LJ feed. ): I’m going to have to actu­ally REMEM­BER to look for updates. Gasp.

    SaraBee Reply:

    Fixed that for you: http://​syn​di​cated.​live​jour​nal.​com/​c​h​r​o​n​i​l​l​o​g​i​c​a​l​/​p​r​ofile

    LoneTread Reply:

    Awe­some; thanks! Sub­scribed.