The Most Important Moment In History (2 of 2)

Now you all know why this strip was a long time coming: it takes time (time!) to render such an awe­somely sweet mus­tache. Oh yes, there were objec­tions — “John, Roy doesn’t need a mus­tache”, “John, this new mus­tache might con­fuse people”, “John, Roy looks like a French­man and I don’t like how I feel when he judges me” — but art won out. Art! Of the high­est* cal­iber.

It is good to post some­thing on this site again. In that spirit, some shorter comics will appear here start­ing next week! Next week?! (Yes.) Yes, the strips are coming — much like Eileen, you know, in that song that has her name in it. This is … a dif­fer­ent song.

*Degree of cal­iber sub­ject to regional restric­tions and black-​out dates.


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  1. Jumbled says:

    I like it! I hope they’re taking a cut of the pro­ceed­ings – that could fund a lot of light bulbs. The only prob­lem is find­ing a com­pat­i­ble cur­rency.

    And on a meta-​note, I spy another time nexus. By shift­ing to a TBD sched­ule, you seem to have synced up with Dres­den Codak. Who knew TBD had such pre­cisely des­ig­nated release dates?

  2. Pomp says:

    But….surely all the time trav­ellers know that for this to be hap­pen­ing they must turn on the machine? Or else time travel won’t be pos­si­ble, and they wouldn’t be able to go back and stop it.
    I’m fever­ently trying to think of how a mous­tache could cause a paradox… although with­out much luck.
    I sup­pose a mous­tace is more emo­tive than a goatee – it can be point­ing up or down depend­ing on mood, like in those two cir­cu­lar panels?

  3. macsnafu says:

    Ques­tions, ques­tions. What’s so crazy in the news­pa­per? Who’s he talk­ing to on the phone? Why is he talk­ing on what looks like an antique cell phone from the 80’s? Does he play that erhu in the corner, or does it just gather dust? And is that *really* Roy? Boy, who would have thought a mus­tache could make such a dif­fer­ence.

    And they should really be get­ting a cut on the con­ces­sions, since I’m sure they didn’t think to charge admis­sion for the impromptu event.

    And now, thanks to Jum­bled, I can hop over to Dres­den Codak and read the new long-​awaited comic there, as well.

  4. macsnafu says:

    Darn! I forgot to ask if we need a caliper to mea­sure the cal­iber of the art. Gallup­ing Gul­liver!

  5. Gary says:

    ha! Had no idea that was Roy, but Boy was that a great comic 😀

  6. macsnafu says:

    Nice para­phrase of Sir Isaac’s quote, btw.

  7. Kyle says:

    Hooray! An update has graced my glow­ing rec­tan­gle of awe­some!

  8. Greg says:

    Thanks for the com­ments, folks! I will attempt to address a few of your ques­tions below:

    – There is actu­ally a shad­owy secret cabal that web­car­toon­ists are beholden to. They issue forth update days at random, and we must comply. Finally: an expla­na­tion of our bewil­der­ing update sched­ule!

    – As for Roy’s mus­tache, John was really excited about it. What can I say? That man has very strong feel­ings about facial hair.

    – For the curi­ous: I couldn’t find the actual audio online, but the first panel is inspired by this TMBG track.

  9. Bill says:

    Is that the Vil­lage Voice the guy is read­ing? They got the one ad that says “itellectuals meet with other intel­lec­tu­als and speak a dif­fer­ent language.”

  10. I think I’ve fig­ured out some of the main rea­sons Roy is almost unrec­og­niz­able in this strip:
    1) He shaved his beard (this alters his facial dynamic more than the addi­tion of a mus­tache)
    2) He trimmed and dyed his hair (it’s redder than before)
    3) He got plas­tic surgery on his nose (it’s pointier and far­ther away from his mouth, clearly to empha­size his new mus­tache)