I added a spiffy plug-​in to Word­press that adds a little “Share This Thing!” link to the bottom of basi­cally every­thing on the site. Includ­ing this very post! It was a sur­pris­ingly easy little doohickey to add, actually—which means I prob­a­bly didn’t do it right. As usual, let me know if some­thing is out of whack and I will try to fix it before too too long.

Now we just need to work on adding some con­tent for you to share… 😛


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  1. Pomp says:

    I emphat­i­cally and whole­heart­edly agree with that last bit!
    Also, the word ‘spiffy’ is under­rated.

  2. macsnafu says:

    Per­son­ally, I’m against thinga­ma­jig­gers–I much prefer whatchamacal­lits! But I’m neu­tral about doohickey’s…