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If you’re coming here from Dinosaur Comics, then hello! It is good to see you! Wel­come to Chronil­log­i­cal, the pre­mier web­comic about time trav­el­ing grad stu­dents that is writ­ten by two dudes named John and Greg. (If you are a reg­u­lar reader, well, we were gra­ciously linked by Ryan North and I can tell you […]


The Most Important Moment In History (2 of 2)

I added a spiffy plug-​in to Word­press that adds a little “Share This Thing!” link to the bottom of basi­cally every­thing on the site. Includ­ing this very post! It was a sur­pris­ingly easy little doohickey to add, actually—which means I prob­a­bly didn’t do it right. As usual, let me know if some­thing is out of […]