Not a whole lot to say here, but I wanted to give our read­ers a notice that we’re not dead! John is work­ing on col­or­ing the new strip, and I’ve been fid­dling around a bit with the new releases of Word­press and Comic­Press.

(Aside: I’m actu­ally grow­ing kind of annoyed with Word­press. It’s not bad soft­ware con­sid­er­ing it’s built in PHP—but that’s like saying that kick­ing a child in the face isn’t too bad, because you aren’t kick­ing 10 chil­dren in the face. Or… some­thing. Look, what I’m trying to say is that using PHP is a lot like kick­ing chil­dren in the face.1

Anyway, I’m get­ting annoyed with Word­press + Comic­press because it does a lot of stuff that we don’t want/use, and doesn’t do every­thing we would like it to. I’ve been con­sid­er­ing build­ing a comic pub­lish­ing plat­form in Ruby on Rails for a while now; maybe one of these days I’ll actu­ally get around to doing so.)

The upshot of all of this is: the rest of this week will prob­a­bly be sort of boring for you, with only maybe a blog entry to hold you over. But between John and me, we should be able to deliver some­thing inter­est next week! It should be excit­ing! So get pre­pared!

  1. Not that I know this from first-​hand expe­ri­ence.

Discussion (2) ¬

  1. Pomp says:

    I hate to be the first (and most unwel­come) person to com­ment on a lot of the recent updates, but I wanted to ask what hap­pened to the ‘buffer stock’ of comics you built up before april 13th? are they exhausted already?

  2. John says:

    I am very embar­rassed to say that yes, they are already exhausted. That plan did not work out quite the way we thought it would!