Hey gang! John here. Thanks for stick­ing around while I finish up the next comic. You know, it’s coming along! And to prove this, I will post an official-​brand Teaser Comic, cob­bled together using these unfin­ished, non-​contiguous panels.

What what!

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Final dia­logue may or may not revolve around Pokémon.


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  1. Pomp says:

    Are we going to find out where they get fund­ing for their friv­o­lous destruc­tions of the laws of physics? Time travel costs a lot. Take it from me.
    I think Donly’s expres­sion in that first panel is excel­lent, how­ever, his hand (when you look at it repeat­edly) appears to be broken at the wrist… I hear the Dean has a habit of doing that to zom­bies.
    Also, I can’t help but notice Milo’s hand (last panel) is on the wrong arm!
    Save for those two minor points, this looks like it’s going to be a bril­liant update, when it arrives.

  2. John says:

    Man, I need to get those hands under con­trol. It’s get­ting to be a real prob­lem! An epi­demic! Thanks for the sharp eyes.

    As for future sto­ries, we’re open to pretty much any­thing as long as we can make a joke out of it. So stay tuned — that’s my advice!

  3. Pomp says:

    I just realised how they could get funds! They could loop ban­knotes in time in the same way as the stan­leys! (infi­nite money!)