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Not a whole lot to say here, but I wanted to give our read­ers a notice that we’re not dead! John is work­ing on col­or­ing the new strip, and I’ve been fid­dling around a bit with the new releases of Word­press and Comic­Press. (Aside: I’m actu­ally grow­ing kind of annoyed with Word­press. It’s not bad […]


Hey gang! John here. Thanks for stick­ing around while I finish up the next comic. You know, it’s coming along! And to prove this, I will post an official-​brand Teaser Comic, cob­bled together using these unfin­ished, non-​contiguous panels. Click to large-​make Final dia­logue may or may not revolve around Pokémon.


In 1989, in a small town in rural Utah, an Ital­ian film com­pany shot a horror film that would even­tu­ally be released under the title Troll 2—I say “even­tu­ally”, because the film was orig­i­nally titled Gob­lins. This ini­tial title made a lot of sense, because the film is in fact about a town full of […]


Mini-3: Feather Research (Fin)

Mini-2: Feather Research (Cont’d)