Giggletus Maximus, First of Two

Here is the clever thing I say that per­tains to the strip and it is so clever!


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  1. Shardwing says:

    a tri­dent would’ve been sus­pi­cious, but the blood on it adds the super.

  2. Eleanor says:

    won­der­ful. lolin’ in the com­puter lab

  3. notjohnchouinardsbrotherjoechouinard says:

    jokes about ancient greece are funny, like that one about diony­sus, his cousin pentheus and the mae­nads. some­one needs to call maury povich and sort that s*** out. am i right?

  4. macsnafu says:

    Hmm…it just occurred to me. Why are they saying “Oh my God” instead of “Oh my Gods” or “Ye Gods” or some­thing?

  5. John says:

    @ notjohn­chouinards­broth­er­joe­chouinard: They would have to clone a second Maury to deal with all that mess. Those gods, they’re wicked dys­func­tional.

    @ mac­snafu: They’re, uh … invok­ing Aphrodite specif­i­cally? Didn’t want to bother the others, I’m guess­ing.

  6. thecaptain says:

    A tri­dent? Really? What, Aegisthus go make friends with Posei­don? ARE YOU JUST PRE­TEND­ING TO BE A CLAS­SI­CIST OR WHAT

  7. John says:

    @the­capt­ian: Uh, OF COURSE he was best buds with Posei­don, did you not read the scho­lia?! Maybe he went fish­ing that morn­ing, you know!! Or per­haps I am in fact an impos­tor, as I have long sus­pected this to be the case D: