Aaand <em>Scene</em>

And so we end the Chronil­log­i­cal crew’s epic detour into Greece’s past—with a Back to the Future joke, of all things! (It was either that or a Sta­ples joke.) Stay tuned for a small epi­logue in about a week and a half.

Coming up on Friday, though, we have some straight-​up Greek Mythol­ogy Jokes that didn’t fit in with the main story. Coming up right now are some ancient one-​liners, because boy oh boy, puns are great in any age:

Two schol­ars were destroy­ing out­dated man­u­scripts at the Library of Alexan­dria. The first turns to the second and says, “Hey, buddy. Euripi­des and I’ll rip-a dose.”

The second shook his head. “Nah, nah. I’ll rip-a dese and Eumenides.”

A mer­chant walks in and approaches the schol­ars, hold­ing two amphoras of olive oil. “I can Alcib­i­ades for you whole­sale.”

The second scholar won­dered where his life went so wrong, while the first mar­veled at the promise of incred­i­ble sav­ings.


Discussion (5) ¬

  1. Cliff says:

    I…I don’t get the Alcib­i­ades one. I can all see buy a these for you whole­sale?

  2. Greg says:

    I don’t get it either. John, explain your­self!

  3. With a time machine, wouldn’t it be 88 hours per mile?

  4. John says:

    @ Cliff: “I can also buy-a dese for you wholesale.” Another suc­cess in my ongo­ing mis­sion to con­fuse read­ers with bad word choice! Anyway, it is not my fault, for I found that line on the inter­net.

    @ Mul­ti­ver­salInk: Curi­ously, the true unit of mea­sure ref­er­ences nei­ther miles nor hours.

    Freso Reply:

    An inter­est­ing time trav­el­ling unit would be some­thing like “years per second”…