-9999 HP

It’s super effec­tive!

Fun Fact: Chronillogical’s orig­i­nal iter­a­tion had its first groin-​kicking in the second strip. A scant two strips in. Greg and I thought about it.

“Maybe we shouldn’t estab­lish our comic as being a groin-​kicking comic,” we thought. “And maybe we shouldn’t estab­lish Jen as a person who kicks people in the groin” (for she was doing the kick­ing, you see). So we have the kick here today instead.


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  1. Gary says:

    great expres­sion 😀
    so true to life

  2. Cliff says:

    man, he is wear­ing some form of kilt as well, that is exposed. I would not be entirely sur­prised if agamem­non was going com­mando as well – he just seems like that kinda guy.

  3. I’m start­ing to like this Cas­san­dra.