Oh Yeah, That Guy

Why is Milo burn­ing things? Because he doesn’t want to blow his cover!

In Soviet Russia, cover blows you!


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  1. Shardwing says:

    Incen­di­arism is now my word of the day. Let’s see how many times it comes up!

  2. John says:

    When it does, don’t forget to SCREAM REAL LOUD

  3. macsnafu says:

    There should be more doily-​sewing par­ties, and less incendiarism…

  4. macsnafu says:

    And it looks like Donley is in need of a good sand­wich!

  5. Orceiacum says:

    I think Prof. Donley might be my new favorite character… Will we be seeing more of his sar­cas­tic antics, may­haps?

  6. Greg says:

    John and I are also very fond of him, so I think we’ll find a way to keep him around.