What Are The Chances!!

Let’s just say she runs into two people named Ajax and (later) Clytemnes­tra, and both of them do hor­ri­ble things.


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  1. Orceiacum says:

    Yeah, she’ll do better in the future methinks. That is, if they actu­ally manage to get back there and don’t end up going FAR­THER back…

    …she’d be better off any­where else pretty much, actu­ally.

    Also, glad to see the story is going with a good pace again. I’m happy to see the spark back in it! 😀

  2. macsnafu says:

    Pre­his­toric? No, I’d say it’s within the his­toric age–a little ancient, maybe, but if Roy wants to go out with a 2,300 year old (or so) woman, that’s his busi­ness. But will it change the time­line?
    Also, that’s one awfully long alt-​tag, there.

  3. Pomp says:


    I see.
    Roy is maybe attracted to older women, but that is just ridicu­lous.
    Anyway, are they going to meet Helen of Troy? That would be quite inter­est­ing to see the out­come if they did…

    I’m look­ing back in the archives, and it’s inter­est­ing to see how much Jen, and the other charachters have changed since the start. Also, the back­ground tex­tures are really making it look good!

  4. Orceiacum says:

    Just now noticed, in the third to last panel… is there any par­tic­u­lar reason Jen is miss­ing a hand? 😕

  5. John says:

    That is a cheat, basi­cally. I am a cheater. And not the first time I’ve done it, either!