Discus Inferno

We wrote an elab­o­rate back­story describ­ing Jen’s brief career as a yoyoer, but decided to stick with “dance-​fighting” in the end. Do not worry, the yo-​yo back­story is still canon.


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  1. SaraBee says:

    Hehe­hehe. Silly Jen, there are no belts in Capoeira.

  2. Orceiacum says:

    Ah, but SaraBee! There are such belts in the art of Cappa-​Dong.

    The two are com­monly con­fused; while Capoeira is a con­trolled mix of mar­tial arts and dance, Cappa-​Dong is an activ­ity that has little sense to its motion before the prac­ti­tioner rapidly devolves to mad flail­ing and gib­ber­ing that gives the impres­sion of con­trolled chaos.

    Actu­ally, believe it or not, I made all that up.


    No, really.