The Wily Sand Scrawler

But what strange scratch­ings are these? Oh they are the scratch­ings right over here how inter­est­ing!


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  1. Yappy Dog says:

    Hooray for para­doxes!

  2. Personamb says:


  3. Greg says:


    (By the way, would you be sur­prised to learn that Google has 923 hits for “what” spelled with pre­cisely 46 ‘a’s?)

  4. pintomaster says:

    @Greg: Sur­prised? No. Inter­ested? No.

  5. Personamb says:

    Now if you were ded­i­cated, you would make a chart, with number of hits vs. number of “a”s.

    LoneTread Reply:

    Ded­i­cated, or bored and curi­ous. …I couldn’t help myself.

    Greg Reply:

    Inter­est­ing! People seem to get quite tired after 6 ‘a’s… but pick up a second wind for that 8th one! After that, only the ded­i­cated sur­vive.

    Thank you, Lone­Tread, for con­tribut­ing to Sci­ence!

    Freso Reply:

    Not to be blas­phe­mous, but didn’t xkcd already do such a sta­tis­tic? It might be out­dated by now of course. (If “outdated” means any­thing to you peeps…)