Filler: Product Placement

Sorry for the unan­nounced con­tent switcha­roo, but such is life! Today’s strip will be pushed back to Tues­day. In the mean­time, here is Claire’s first and last gig in spokesman­ship.


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  1. Pazno says:

    Looks like any buyers of that will be spend­ing a lovely day kneel­ing before the porce­lain throne…

  2. macsnafu says:

    Serve with lim­burger cheese and lots of garlic, and you’ll never know the dif­fer­ence!

  3. pops says:

    Actu­ally, we just vis­ited a coun­try where this would be a pop­u­lar del­i­cacy — if they had skunks. They don’t, so they have to settle for snakes, etc. I envi­sion export poten­tial.

  4. pops says:

    They’d go quite well with Durian syrup 🙂