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INTERLUDE: Civil Discourse Man

Two days, friends! Firstly: Sep­tem­ber 12th approaches! What day is that, you ask? Why, it is… Dres­den Codak’s Pre­tend to Be a Time Trav­eler Day!! Click the link above for more infor­ma­tion. What be your time trav­eler of choice? Utopian? Dystopian? Vic­to­rian? The power is yours. Do not choose poorly. We Chronil­log­i­cal folks would have […]



What’s Behind Door Number One…

I hope every­one is having a bang-​up Labor Day! (For our non-​American read­ers, I hope you are having a bang-​up Day!) To cel­e­brate, here is a video of mon­keys: Mon­keys Being Ridicu­lous from Greg on Vimeo.


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