Covert Operations

“Well, can I be Zeus?”
“Don’t be ridicu­lous.”
“Why is that ridicu­lous?”
“You’re a WOMAN.”
“Excuse ME?”
“I mean, Zeus would trans­mute every now and again, but that was just so he could do the hunka chunka.”


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  1. Dierna says:

    Uh.. actu­ally Artemis animal is the deer (stag). So she’d sick Bambi on him.

    It would have been more log­i­cal if they were Artemis and Apollo since Apollo is the patron god of Troy….and Artemis’ twin brother…


  2. Greg says:

    The wild boar is some­what oblique ref­er­ence to the story of Adonis’s death!


  3. Elithrion says:

    Hon­estly, her choices were kinda restricted there – only Aphrodite and Artemis were fight­ing on the Trojan side, and I’m not sure how well she’d do at imper­son­at­ing the god­dess of beauty.


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