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Two things: It would seem as though my timing is impec­ca­ble. This very day same day I write my dia­tribe about asyn­chro­nous RSS thinga­ma­jig­gers, David Morgan-​Mar of Irreg­u­lar Web­comic announces that he’s got it cov­ered. He even gave it a catchy name: Archive Binge. Now, I haven’t actu­ally tried it yet (I’ve been busy—see point […]


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A thought: Read­ing blogs through RSS or Atom feeds is a great way to get chunks of infor­ma­tion deliv­ered on a daily basis. I think that this format is amenable to deliv­er­ing some­thing like a text­book: every day you could post a subchapter-​sized chunk of infor­ma­tion. Since I’m already set­ting aside time in my day […]


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