Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Brazil has once again con­spired against us.1 There will not be a full comic on Friday! To dis­play the inten­sity of his anguish regard­ing the sit­u­a­tion, Greg sent me an email con­tain­ing no less than 601 frowny emoti­cons.2 That, friends, is regret. I’ll do my duty to pro­duce some­thing humor­ous or inter­est­ing in the mean­time.

Regard­ing public opin­ion, though, I’d fig­ured this is a good time to gauge peo­ples’ thoughts on a couple of things. Chronil­log­i­cal has run for more than 100 strips now, and while Greg and I have dis­cussed the strip’s future, it’s always worth­while to know what fans are think­ing. So, feel free to leave a com­ment or send me an email (john [at] chronil­log­i­cal [dot] com) regard­ing one or all of the fol­low­ing:

  1. What do you like about the strip?
  2. What about the strip is most non-​triumphant and/or not so great?
  3. Are there any eras you’d want our trio to tackle in the future?3
  4. Spe­cific merch ideas?

Of course, we may decide not to use anyone’s sug­ges­tions and have the gang fizzle out in the Pleis­tocene, a gaggle of Megath­erium their only com­pan­ions. Then again, we might use all sug­ges­tions simul­ta­ne­ously in a schiz­o­phrenic post-​modern bar­rage! Who knows? The only thing that will reveal the answers … is TIME.4


1 BRAZILLL!!! [shake-shake-shake-a-fist]
2 The orig­i­nal plan was to repro­duce the email here for all to read, but that’s just too much gloom for one post to handle.
3 Hah … “future.” (Almost any time word becomes a pun in the con­text of this site. It’s ridicu­lous.)
4 Regard­less, thanks for your input and thanks for read­ing!


Discussion (8) ¬

  1. 1. The jokes. Like, about his­tory and stuff?
    2. Not enough rid­dles.
    4. Nov­elty mugs. ‘I trav­eled through time and all I got was this stupid mug.’

  2. jtbandes says:

    1. I love the style of dia­logue, along with ono­matopoeia and com­puter screen mes­sages, other made-​up hilar­i­ous details and such. Exam­ples: 2008/06/10 (first comic), the last 3 panels of 2008/06/27, 2009/09/17, 2009/02/10, 2008/10/17, 2008/09/05, you get the idea, maybe.

    2. While the art has gotten more con­sis­tent, which is nice, I think the char­ac­ters have been exag­ger­ated a bit too much, like in 2009/06/23/. But maybe I’m just not used to it.

    3. It would prob­a­bly be con­fus­ing to write and maybe not work out well as a story arc, but it’d be poten­tially hilar­i­ous if the trio met *them­selves* in the past or future or some­thing. And/or maybe if they showed up in the middle of some ancient war, and acci­den­tally won it, and then were treated as gods. (Though maybe they’re going to do that in the cur­rent spa­tiotem­po­ral arc and I just stole your idea.)

    4. Time Goo! Stan­ley! Black Hole in a Jar! …I could go on!

  3. 4. jtabandes’s ideas for merch are actu­ally really good, but you’d need a lot of merch-​desirous read­ers to pro­duce things that mostly indi­cate that one reads Chronil­log­i­cal for profit. Though time goo and black hole in a jar could have wider appeal if the pack­ag­ing and design were really good (and then pro­moted via NotCot, geek places, and sci-​fi places (i09?)).

  4. jtbandes says:

    That’s true. I like your idea too — maybe some of the lines from the comics, like “The Future is NOW!”?

  5. jtbandes says:

    Oh, also I forgot to men­tion 2009/02/17 (“syntax parallax” is awe­some, not to men­tion the rest of the comic), 2008/12/12, and 2008/11/21.

    Oh, so now I want a Syntax Par­al­lax shirt.

  6. Davis says:

    3. While it was only a line in the play, having Roy be the one that warns Caesar about the Ides of March would be funny, since many people think that’s how it actu­ally hap­pened anyway…

  7. macsnafu says:

    I agree that the dia­logue and the mes­sages and such have been pretty good, not to men­tion the ref­er­ences, obscure and oth­er­wise. Like the car­toony art style, although I agree it does tend to get just a little too exag­ger­ated at times. And the char­ac­ters seem to be a good mix and inter­act fairly well with each other, each offer­ing con­text and coun­ter­point to the others.
    Big prob­lem for me is that the story seems to be mean­der­ing for no good effect. The char­ac­ters are start­ing to do things that just really make no sense in any con­text that I can see. I thought you said you had the story out­lined to the end. Must be a lot of gaps in the middle? Famous his­tor­i­cal set­tings can be okay, but not really my cup of tea. I’d rather see them in the future, espe­cially since time travel seems to be a pretty reg­u­lar thing, accord­ing to Hermes and the guide books.
    Having them meet them­selves could be inter­est­ing, if han­dled well, but time para­doxes can be dif­fi­cult to handle.
    I’m still won­der­ing if there’s an over­all theme or plot, or if it’s just a ridicu­lously silly story.

  8. pops says:

    As for merch ideas, I’d love to have a copy of Fauxdor’s avail­able when trav­el­ing. Per­haps there could even be a dig­i­tal ver­sion cou­pled with a GPS (with tem­po­ral capa­bil­i­ties, of course)