None More Stoic Or Noble

Ilus was not a hand­some man.


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  1. jtbandes says:

    I just came across this comic recently, yay!
    Are Jen and Roy’s names from the IT Crowd?

  2. If your son’s hair appears to be on fire—don’t panic.

    I liked this one a lot! Sev­eral chuck­les while read­ing.

  3. John says:

    @ jtban­des: I’d actu­ally never heard of The IT Crowd until you had men­tioned it just then! Jen and Roy’s names are Unin­spired by Out­side Media (UOM).

  4. Caelius Spinator says:

    “So pack some Penates, strap your dad to your back…”

    Won­der­ful. Spec­tac­u­lar. I love this comic. “Hector’s House of Haruspicy.” Oh, glo­ri­ous.

  5. pops says:

    As for the New Berlin ques­tion — it’s a town in Wis­con­sin with a number of his­tor­i­cal land­marks:
    How­ever, it can be every bit as dan­ger­ous as Troy if one inad­ver­tently dis­plays a non-​Packer logo.

  6. Dierna says:

    Ah the mighty Ilus (or Ilos). Who was given a cow by the King of Phry­gia and was told to found a city where it lay down….

    Troy of the war was the 7th city to bear that name on the site. There were 10 of em all together.

  7. Dierna says:

    Oh! Forgot to men­tion that I just LOVE the Do’s and Don’ts. Espe­cially the Don’t ask where the sword of Troy is. *lol*

  8. macsnafu says:

    After the mis­spellings I’ve made in the com­ments, I shouldn’t com­plain, but satue? I’ll assume Jen was just over­whelmed by the con­tents of the book when she said that. I cer­tainly am.

  9. John says:

    mac­snafu, you seem to be ref­er­enc­ing a typo that prob­a­bly never existed! 😛

  10. macsnafu says:

    The Chrono-​Editor strikes again!