Roy makes a good point: Greek people have a habit of ruin­ing ancient Troy.


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  1. Dierna says:

    Those gods be run­ning ram­pant. Fuzzy hat?? Apollo? Ares? Pan?

  2. Dierna says:

    Ooh.. per­haps even Her­cules?

  3. Tungsten says:

    Genghis Khan. Some­how.

  4. Greg says:

    We’ll have to leave it a bit of a cliffhanger for the time being, since we’re off to follow Roy and Jen.

  5. macsnafu says:

    Oh, poo! But seri­ously, Milo, tell then how you *really* feel! I wonder if the magic feath­ers are “translating” at this subtle level, too?

  6. Dierna says:


    Now what would Ghengis Khan be doing in ancient Turkey 1000 years before he was even born?

  7. pops says:

    Ghengis Khan would be behav­ing chronil­log­i­cally, of course

  8. Yosarian says:

    Actu­ally, it’s prob­a­bly one of the greeks, prob­a­bly one of the famous ones (although I’m not sure which one would be “wearing a fuzzy hat”). He’s prob­a­bly about to get cap­tured and thus end up in the middle of the trojan war anyway.

  9. Dierna says:


    Well… Her­cules kinda had a fuzzy hat….the Nemian Lion. *lol*

  10. macsnafu says:

    Bam! Pops has a point: you could put ANY his­tor­i­cal figure in there and they would be acting chroni­log­i­cally.
    And yes, I think we should keep adding com­ments till the new strip is up.

  11. pops says:

    His­to­ri­ans fre­quently spec­u­late about chronil­log­i­cal sce­nar­ios. One of the most mem­o­rable was by Month Python: “What if Napoleon had a B52 at Waterloo?”. Unfor­tu­nately I couldn’t find an on-​line link to it.