For Noice Travel Experiences

The Frauxmmer’s or Fauxnly Planet guides might have better served the tight budget of our time-​traveling grad stu­dents, but Mt. Olym­pus has a licens­ing deal with Fauxdor’s.


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  1. SaraBee says:

    I don’t know why Trevor doesn’t read this yet.

  2. macsnafu says:

    A noice guide for noisy, novice time trav­ellers? Neat for newbs!

  3. Dierna says:

    Who can help them in Troy? Aeneas?? Odyseus?? Homer? Virgil? Hein­rich Schlie­mann? Dr. Who? And does that book have a map of Turkey circa 1200 B.C?

  4. Davis says:

    Please tell me they arrive in time to see Aeneas receive the Sword of Troy!

  5. Dierna says:


    The sword of Troy was a bull(&%)*&%^ thing made up in that gods awful Brad Pitt Troy movie! It turned Aeneas into a minor char­ac­ter with no back­ground other than “Hey.. here’s a sword!”….. UGH! That movie was so frak­ing stupid! No-​where in the orig­i­nal story telling is there a stupid sword that ends up being Excal­ibur (seriously… go see the movie The Last Legion. The Sword of Troy is renamed to the Sword of Caesar and then even­tu­ally becomes Excal­ibur).

    Also “Troy” had no Cas­san­dra!! A majorly impor­tant char­ac­ter and they totally skipped out on having her! Like WTF man?!

  6. Greg says:

    I occa­sion­ally have this hor­ri­ble dread that his­to­ri­ans of the dis­tant future will only know of clas­si­cal cul­ture via con­tem­po­rary pop­u­lar rep­re­sen­ta­tions of the ancient world. What if through some ter­ri­ble irony all copies of Homer’s Illiad are lost, but a film reel of Troy sur­vives?

    What if this sort of thing has already hap­pened?

  7. Dierna says:

    Ugh.. they should destroy all evi­dence of any Brad Pitt movie…*thinks* Ok except for Ben­jamin Button….. the best Trojan war movie IMO is the 1956 Helen of Troy film. IMO they should make a film adap­tion of the book Fire­brand. It’s com­pletly from the POV of Cas­san­dra.

  8. Dierna: I know with 100% cer­tainty that Davis was being face­tious.