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  1. pintomaster says:

    lug­gage ticket?

  2. Dierna says:

    Uni­ver­sal trans­la­tor feath­ers always come in handy….

  3. Murchadh says:

    Of course the two most pow­er­ful words in the Eng­lish Lan­guage are “The Musical” you can tack them on the end of any­thing and it makes sense. Plus it can turn tragedies and “adult” things into funny, family-​friendly. e.g. The Holocost…THE MUSI­CAL!

  4. Aaron says:

    Klin­gon! in the last panel! I think it means “Where is the bathroom?”

  5. SaraBee says:

    She steals my glasses, my light blue but­ton­down, and now my lin­guis­tic super­pow­ers! Jen is biting my style, as the kids say.

  6. macsnafu says:

    Gesund­heit! Oh, that wasn’t a sneeze? My bad…

  7. Dierna says:


    Correct… she’s speak­ing Klin­gon. *lol* Along with Span­ish (Hello World!), German (Gepäckaufbewahrungsschein = Lug­gage Ticket), and Pig Latin.

  8. Greg says:

    Hooray! You got ’em all!

  9. danny zabbal says:

    she should turn those feath­ers into ear­rings.

  10. Programmer Joe says:

    Ah, the tra­di­tional “Hello World!” rou­tine, reveal­ing once again that she is in fact a CS stu­dent at heart.

  11. mask777 says:

    I would ask to meet Aphrodite. ^-^