Hermes can change his speech at will—for exam­ple, when he’s in disguise—but nat­u­rally he talks like a surfer dude.

We toyed with the idea of giving Hermes a winged surf­board to ride around on, but we decided that maybe that’d be taking one too many lib­er­ties.


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  1. Murchadh says:

    I did not know Ashton Kutcher was the Mes­sen­ger God…but sudden;y Greek Mythol­ogy makes a lot more sense.

  2. Walker says:

    Yes on the surf board!!!! that would be amaz­ing!

  3. Dierna says:

    Hermes is from Cal­i­for­nia now?

  4. Tungsten says:

    “Happens to every­one their first time.”

    I wonder if ole Hermes here is talk­ing about deity-​greeting or time-​traveling? Because that could be a poten­tially sig­nif­i­cant dis­tinc­tion. Maybe.

  5. SaraBee says:

    Of course he’s from Cal­i­for­nia. What, do you think you get that kind of golden glow from being holed up three-​quarters of the year living in Chicago?


  6. Murchadh says:

    The thing about time travel is that it is par­tially impos­si­ble. See if you suc­cess­fully travel back in time there is a 99.8726593% that you will also travel to an alter­nate uni­verse that is rad­i­cally dif­fer­ent from your own. Gen­er­ally that dif­fer­ence is your appear­ance at that time as well as any changes you may have made. Like when Super­man went back in time and saved Abra­ham Lincoln’s life, stopped Atlantis from sink­ing and SAVED KRYP­TON! Then came back to the present and found that none of that had hap­pened.

  7. macsnafu says:

    Watch out for Bill & Ted! They might turn this into an EXCEL­LENT adventure…