Okay He Is Transforming Now



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  1. Lupo says:

    Ah, scientists… so con­cen­trated on Higgs Boson that they ignore even the basis of clas­si­cal cul­ture!!!

  2. since when was hermes the basis of any­thing? he pretty much just showed up when­ever it was con­ve­nient to have a dude with winged san­dals hang­ing around. no wonder he was a trick­ster. i’d des­per­ately be trying to get atten­tion too if my entire career could be out­sourced to a flying cow… or email.

  3. macsnafu says:

    Why doesn’t Roy speak up? He already iden­ti­fied him last strip. And if Hermes is the pro­tec­tor of trav­el­ers, then he might be will­ing to help them, now that the prank’s over.

  4. Murchadh says:

    The thing is a Greek God cannot reveal their true selves to a mortal or a their glory will melt the mortal like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Also he may be afraid because Hermes was also the Grim Reaper of Greek Mythol­ogy. (The fates decided it was your time and ended your life, the Hermes brought your soul to the fer­ry­man who took you across the River Styx where Hades ruled.)

  5. macsnafu says:

    Over 9000? Sorry, not a big Drag­onball fan, although Chain­saw­suit had a good parody of it a few months back.

  6. I don’t remem­ber read­ing this one in Ovid…

  7. Dierna says:

    Since when is Hermes a Prankster??? And where’s his turtle and rooster??? That’s a weird look­ing Cadecus…*reads wikipedia* Oh… I guess he’s a trick­ster now….strange… That’s not men­tioned in any of the mythol­ogy books I have…

  8. Pops says:

    I find it dif­fi­cult to believe that some­one named Milo Mamalakis wouldn’t know who Hermes is!

  9. Greg says:

    @johnny dis­crete: Hey, at least he’s got his own planet! That’s more than Apollo or Athena (or even Hades) can say, now isn’t it?

    @mac­snafu: Roy and Milo have both been struck speech­less. It’s not every day you come into con­tact with a god!

    @Mur­chadh: Re: the melt­ing thing: The Greek gods have been known to exag­ger­ate on occa­sion. At worst, gazing upon the true form of a god will make you uncom­fort­ably warm.

    @Joe: He was plan­ning to put it in the sequel, Meta­mophoses 2: Meta­mor­phose Harder.

    @Dierna: He doesn’t truck his turtle and rooster around with him all the time. That’d just be cum­ber­some!

    @Pops: Of course Milo knows who Hermes is! Jen is the one who’s con­fused. Milo’s just dumb­struck at the notion of seeing a Greek god face-to-face.

  10. Murchadh says:

    1) Hades did have a planet until Sci­en­tists said Pluto wasn’t a planet.
    3)It isn’t an exag­ger­a­tion because when Zeus was with a nymph Hera told her that she had to insist that Zeus reveal his true form in order to prove he was a God. She agreed and demanded it and since Zeus had promised to do any­thing to prove his divin­ity to her, he revealed him­self and she melted.

  11. Greg says:

    1) True dat. Damn astronomers, ruin­ing everyone’s fun.
    2) Whoops, actu­ally I think Venus == Aphrodite (and Athena == Min­erva).
    3) Fair enough. I guess I was just saying that in the con­text of our comic we may not be fol­low­ing every­thing the myths say exactly to the letter.

  12. Dierna says:

    Well um.. in BSG Athena was the name of one of the plan­ets.. Min­erva and Athena are the name of aster­oids. Athena is also a species of Owl.

  13. Murchadh says:

    @greg good point. And you’re right about it being Aphrodite. I get con­fused easily. PLus I mean there is the whole Uni­verse law thingy. So time trav­el­ing comics can do what­ever they freak­ing want.

  14. danny zabbal says:

    psy­chopomp? i want to be psy­chopomp!