Ain’t Transformatin’, Part 2

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  1. Elithrion says:

    Hey, no fair! The winged san­dals were never clear in the shot before!

  2. Dierna says:

    Hermes?! Or is it Mer­cury? Either way the dude’s insane….

  3. macsnafu says:

    Whoo-​hoo! Two rev­e­la­tions for the price of one–Hermes and Roy-​Vision.

  4. Drealien says:

    I love your choice in mixing mytholo­gies.

  5. John says:

    @ Elithrion: I should have made the wings easier to see, but I can rightly say that they have always been there!

  6. Lupo says:

    Dierna, it’s Hermes for the Greek mithol­ogy, Mer­cury for the Roman one.

    …so far for my first impres­sion abour the funny old guy to be a pre­so­cratic philoso­pher (but it would be funny to make Her­a­cli­tus, Thales or Anax­i­man­der take one of their the­o­ries from “our” guys)…

  7. Dierna says:


    Aye I know who’s who…Im just saying it’s poss­ably he’s Mer­cury since he seems to hate Greeks.

  8. macsnafu says:

    You can’t fool us–those wings are fake! 😉