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  1. macsnafu says:

    Oooh, the vil­lainy of lemon­ade! heh.

  2. Theplayer131 says:

    @mac­snafu Who knows? Maybe the lemon­ade is too sour! Maybe she stole it from a baby! Maybe she tor­tured the lemons and mixed their blood with sugar to do it!

  3. Speculative Joe says:

    Wait… could our hyper­bol­philic friend be Homer, of epic-​authorial fame?

  4. Dierna says:

    No. That couldn’t be Homer. The old man is a Roman (note he says the Greeks have invaded) whereas Homer was Greek.

  5. Kcronos says:

    @ Dierna:
    The wed­ding is an allu­sion to the inva­sion of Troy (Golden apple and all that). Just because the old guy is not Greek, doesn’t mean he is a Roman. The Greeks never invaded Rome. He must be a Trojan.

  6. Theplayer131 says:

    Now that I think of it, Roy is WAY better off than the old man, in terms of beauty. It seems a mirror could be quite useful to our elder friend.

  7. Dierna says:

    If he’s a Trojan then they’re in Turkey…..

  8. Greg says:

    I’ll keep my mouth shut. But I’m loving this dis­cus­sion 😉

  9. daniel says:

    He can’t be Trojan, he spoke in Greek…. He should have been speak­ing in Luwian or some­thing. And he also speaks Eng­lish, which should not be pos­si­ble if he’s from such a time period. And not to forget the strange birds they saw. I think the old man is just crazy and not a good rep­re­sen­ta­tive for what­ever place or time they landed in.

  10. macsnafu says:

    Don’t forget his first words to Jen: “You do not belong here” – how the heck could he know that? An ordi­nary native would have said some­thing like “you’re new here” , or “where did you come from?” or the like. But he knows they’re not sup­posed to be there.

    And, As daniel pointed out, he seems to speak Eng­lish.