Ritual Gorefest

Hor­ri­ble things omit­ted from the witch-​killing song:

– rip the teeth
– shred the tongue
– lance the breast
– fork the toe
– stab the foot
– wrench the arm
– burn the body

What witch-​killing maneu­vers can YOU think of?


Discussion (5) ¬

  1. Cliff says:

    what hap­pened to make ’em con­fess?

  2. Greg says:

    There’s a whole ‘nother song for fig­ur­ing out who IS a witch. (e.g., Does she weigh the same as a duck?) This one only covers what you do after you’ve set­tled that part.

  3. Elithrion says:

    Gouge the kid­neys and shat­ter the ribs!

  4. Lupo says:

    – Skin their bottom and make them sit on salt
    – Tickle the armpits to death
    – Tie them to a chair and read them “War and Peace” in Russ­ian
    – Send them duck hunt­ing with Dick Cheney
    – Force them to eat my mother’s lasagna

    …too cruel?

  5. Kuroneko says:

    “Pound them up with a thump­ing pole.”