Which Witch In Ipswich?

Admit­tedly, Ipswich doesn’t appear here today. The word just ends con­ve­niently.


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  1. macsnafu says:

    What? No sand­wich? Not even an Ambrosia sand­wich?

  2. Theplayer131 says:

    Milo’s face in the fifth panel is just per­fect! 😀

  3. Lupo says:

    Funny that Milo, the sci­en­tist, believes in witches and Roy, the human­ist, gets first to the good inter­pre­ta­tion of the “crazy old man” story.
    Could it be that Roy, as a clas­sic stu­dent is more used in coping with word inter­pre­ta­tion and cul­ture dif­fer­ences?

  4. Greg says:

    It’s a fair point. Of course we all have our fears, even though we may know they’re com­pletely irra­tional. I guess Milo just has an irra­tional fear of witches.

    Might we call Milo a wic­ca­phobe? Yes, I think that would be a rea­son­able assess­ment of the sit­u­a­tion.