Hey, Look Over There!

To make it explicit: The black hole is sup­ply­ing power to the hangar, but the machine is still not work­ing because of the light bulb sit­u­a­tion. Which is why the refrig­er­a­tor is still work­ing. Milo and Jen keep it well-​stocked with a healthy array of tubes of uncooked cookie dough.


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  1. Hey! You over there. says:

    >.> I like that fac that the guy has an odd coloured eye… I don’ know why but it’s just hilarious…

  2. macsnafu says:

    Never fails–leave some­one alone in your house, and they start rum­mag­ing through your refrig­er­a­tor, eating up the left­overs. A…working refrigerator…powered by the black hole in a bottle?
    Of course, if he’s a native of the time, he’s prob­a­bly never seen a refrig­er­a­tor before, and isn’t famil­iar with some (or most?) of its con­tents.

  3. macsnafu says:

    It never fails–leave some­one in the house alone, and they’ll rum­mage through your refrig­er­a­tor, eating your left­overs.

  4. macsnafu says:

    Hey, my posts are being eaten, or at least, I can’t see them.

  5. Greg says:

    Odd: they’re appear­ing for me. I have noticed that it can take a little while for com­ments to appear. I’m not sure why that is, but it may have some­thing to do with our caching plug-​in for Word­press. Have you tried clear­ing your cache? That might help.

  6. macsnafu says:

    I see them now–hmm….

  7. Greg says:

    The cache gets cleared every time we create or update a post. Right before it started work­ing for you, I updated the post. This makes me think that it is, in fact, a caching prob­lem. I’ll keep an eye on things to see if it con­tin­ues to be a prob­lem.

  8. macsnafu says:

    I also think it’s hilar­i­ous how he’s trying to hide from Jen.

  9. Theplayer131 says:

    If he didn’t eat that much uncooked cookie dough, maybe he would have (He will have? :P) no prob­lem hiding from Jen.

    But, now, the truth remain: Home prod­ucts are better for your health, kids. Don’t do fast food.

  10. Dierna says:

    That guy looks like one of those bird things….

  11. John says:

    @ The­p­layer: stealth in an unfa­mil­iar envi­ron­ment can be a sticky wicket. That’s why I rec­om­mend Dr. Sneaky’s Crypto-​Paste for all your cir­cum­vent­ing needs.

    @ Dierna: I’m trying to get some fund­ing for my Unholy Bird­man Menagerie project, but the ELE still won’t answer my grant requests. 🙁